Hidinge Gård AB

716 92 Fjugesta

Phone: +46 19 29 1092

Håkan: +46 70 585 6858

Gunnel: +46 70 222 5029



The Pig production

There are ten pig house departments with 440-480 places each. One house was converted into pig house in 1972 and one built in 1979. The two biggest houses was built in 2002 and one in 2007. In 1993 the feed kitchen was built and the feeding system was successfully converted into wet feed. An ingredient in the wet feed is milled grains, i.e. winter wheat, barley, oats and peas, from the worked soil. It also consists of bread from baking industries, whey and rinse milk from a dairy, premixed (containing minerals, vitamins and amino acids). As protein source we use rape-seed meal and distiller´s waste (draff). The production is specialised in pigs for fattening. The pigs are bought weighing about 33 kilos and sold at ca 93 kg deadweight (115-130 kilos living weight) which takes about 100 days. The growing rate is ca 945 g/day that makes it possible to have about 3,25 circulation per year with a total production of about 15 000 pigs per year. The pig houses are emptied between the circulation, for cleaning, a cleaning robot “Clever Cleaner” from Ramsta Robotics is used. For the whole facility we have a contract with one piglet breeder, which delivers all the piglets needed for our whole production. A big advantage with this is that you get healthier pigs. The production on the farm is connected to Swedish Sigill a basic certified quality programme .

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