Hidinge Gård AB

716 92 Fjugesta

Phone: +46 19 29 1092

Håkan: +46 70 585 6858

Gunnel: +46 70 222 5029



Hidinge gård in time

Hidinge gård fields has been around since the Stone Age. We know this because we found ceremonial sacrifices axes at the edge of the land which was a bog before.

The farm originally started as the Eastern courtyard (directly translated) which divided the fields into strips along with 6 other farms that were closely located. In the early 1800s they ceased to divide the farms in allotments. This meant that many of the small farms disappeared and those that were left were controlled by magnates. The farm was owned now by säbylund until 1918 when it was bought out by(ask grandma). The kids had no wish to take over after the parents passed away and had to sell the farm to Gösta Johansson. This was the year 1971. At that time Hidinge was a dairy farm but because of poor milk prices it was phased out pretty quickly. Gösta had decided that it would be a pig farm. He remakes the barn that in 1972 so that it's adapted to pigs, he also built another barn for better production. During his time at the farm  workshop and machine room. Feed The kitchen was built in 1993 for a more effective mating of pigs, it was also built a thatch layer to utilize more of what you get from the fields. After Gösta did Gunnel and Håkan take over the care of Hidinge gård. They have expanded Hidinge to what it is today with two new piggeries, a grain dryer, gas tight grain silos and a straw boiler.

Hidinge Gård AB, crops and pig farm