Potato shop

Opening hours

The store is OPEN

We are open twentyfour hours, every day.

We have a self-service policy.

How to pay

Each payment in cash is placed in a box inside the storage, with a note saying how much the person has bought.

It is also possible to pay with Swish, number 123 061 42 63, please write a message what you have bought.

Potato types


A potato with a red peel.

Good for boiling, baking and friying dishes etc.

King Edvard

An off white potato with a powdery consistency and usually have red spots on the peel.

We recommend King Edvard for mashed and baked potatoedishes.


Normal size

10kg         60sek

25kg         120sek

Large size

10kg          50sek

25kg          100sek

Both kinds of potatos use this pricelist.


Hidinge Gård AB

716 92 Fjugesta

Phone: +46 19 29 1092

Håkan: +46 70 585 6858

Gunnel: +46 70 222 5029



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